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Generally when a new client reaches out to us they don't quite know what they need.  Part of our job is helping you figure out what you actually need.  We are huge fans of mediation and collaborative problem solving, but each situation is unique and needs to be evaluated on its own merits.  Our basic conflict resolution services are explained below.  For complex problems we often end up in a hybrid process specifically designed to address the problem.  Sometimes the problem is hard to define, but don't worry we'll work with you to figure out what the issues are and create a plan to address them.

Conflict Resolution Services


Mediation is used when we have a specific conflict and need an agreement to move forward.  Through a series of meetings the Mediator helps you to negotiate effectively and find jointly agreeable solutions to a dispute.  Mediation is significantly cheaper and faster than taking cases through the court system and allows creative solutions not available to the courts.

Academics, Wills and estates, Neighbour Disputes, Business Partnerships, Sports Disputes, Band Break-Ups, Creative Disagreements etc.


Facilitation services are generally for meetings.  Strata meetings, AGMs, shareholder meetings, strategy sessions, public meetings, planning etc. Facilitation increases the effectiveness and efficiency of meetings.  For highly emotional and difficult topics, having a Facilitator allows everyone involved to focus on the content while the Facilitator handles the agenda and the emotional climate of the conversation.  This leads to better working relationships, faster meetings and fewer deadlocks!

Conflict Coaching

Conflict Coaching and support.  Coaching comes in a few different formats, but the most common is a 30 minute free consultation about current issues and then weekly or monthly meetings (in person or remote) to find strategies and solutions to conflicts.

Managerial Promotion Support:  Do you have someone that has just been promoted to manage people?  Conflict is a given within work groups, give your new managers the tools they need to handle it effectively. 6 months of conflict coaching support dramatically increases their chances for success.  Contact us for more details.

Process Design

Minimise the destructive aspects of conflict by having plans to deal with them ahead of time.  By having conversations and policies about what to do when conflict erupts we decrease the negative impacts and handle the issues before they have time to cause big problems.  

Start-Ups, Tech Projects and Arts Initiatives: Pre-wire for success by having the hard conversations about what happens when the work gets difficult or unforeseen problems arise.  We can't predict all of the difficulties, but we can plan how we will handle them when they arise.  Most new projects intend to address these topics, but they are hard and in the excitement of new projects they can get overlooked until it is too late.


We offer custom conflict resolution and communication training tailored to the specifics of your organisation.  


Amanda Semenoff

Amanda is a civil mediator, facilitator and conflict management consultant working in New Westminster, BC.  She received her Conflict Resolution Certification:Specialization Mediation from JIBC in 2015 and has a B.A. in Economics and International Relations from UBC.  She loves weird, sticky and seemingly unsolvable problems and has successfully worked with a wide range of clients including start-ups, tech founders, academics, corporate boards, teacher groups, community sports organisations,  musicians and non-profits to create innovative solutions and common purpose.

Amanda is a Mediator of the Civil Roster of MediateBC

ProBono and Sliding Scale Rates

Amanda works with 1-2 clients every month at a reduced rate based on ability to pay.  If you think you or your organisation would be eligible for fee reduction please contact us.


Interesting Projects

Amanda is involved in a number of interesting projects related to her passions for conflict resolution.  

Collaborative Game Design with PignPotato

Overthinking Conflict Podcast with CD Saint

BC Civil Resolution Tribunal

Whatcom Dispute Resolution Centre